• Testimonials


    "I am so thankful for all my therapist’s efforts."
    "Our daughter sees Wendy and we have also had several very helpful sessions with Wendy. She has helped our relationship with our daughter improve."
    "Orly is a very passionate and professional therapist. My life has changed dramatically since beginning therapy with her. She is a wonderful therapist with a true gift."
    100% of the clients based on feedbacks would also agree that their therapist accepts and supports them.
    100% of the clients based on feedbacks would agree that their therapist listens to them effectively and their therapist understands them.
    After conducting a survey, 86.7% of the clients after having started therapy have experienced an increased understanding of self and emotions. 60% had improvements in communication. 60% also had improvement in their interpersonal relationship. Lastly, 60% also experienced a decrease in their anxiety symptoms.